You know how everyday someone tells that a cure for cancer has been found, right? Well, this is not the case here at all. I won’t talk about the next discovery by scientist, but about a real case that happened in my country – Bulgaria.

Iva Mechandzhiiska was a successful model, when she was diagnosed with cancer.  She had to undergo the “normal” chemotherapy, and all the traditional treatment for her case, but it seemed it wasn’t effective and didn’t help enough. She was going to die if a friend of hers – Svetoslav Kantardjiev didn’t give her a hand, and point her to some alternative treatments. They contacted a non-governmental organization – Neogenesis that recommended them to try a special new treatment – Venom from Blue Scorpion (that lives in Cuba) , and a Russian medication, called Imunofan. The Neogenesis Foundation also helped them to provide themselves with the needed medications, even though they could be found on the other side of the world.

Mechandzhiiska recently testified that she feels well now, and she is in good health. It seems that the Russian immunity medication and the venom, extracted from a Cuban Blue Scorpion returned her back to her feet. Before that she tried chemotherapy in Bulgaria and a treatment in a clinic in Istanbul, but her health was declining more and more, no matter the efforts of the doctors.

Hopefully in the near future this treatment will prove itself as effective and more people will be cured thanks to it.

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